Well, here we are on Monday 1st February 2021, its been over 6 months since I have written on the blog – no real reason, just slack I suppose. But that is about to change.

So here goes, firstly following is a copy of the newsletter I sent out recently (If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, email me your details.)

Gumnut Gear Newsletter:   Session 1 2021. 19th January to 13th March.

Hi and welcome to the first Gumnut Gear newsletter for 2021.

Well, here we are in January 2021, hopefully this year will be a lot less crazy than what it was in 2020.  We have new rules that need to be followed and if everyone just gets on board with them, we should be fine. It looks like it will be our new normal for some time to come.

Here in the studio I have hand sanitizer and sign in at the door.

I will continue to send text reminders for all classes, as I have restricted number allowed it is really important that you respond to my text yes or no so that I know how many to expect.

Rulers and mats are available for you to use, you will need to bring all other equipment yourself.

I am making a change in how things run this year, that is I will be working in 8-week blocks, 8 weeks of classes and 2 weeks off. This is to give me some time out to recharge. 

Now for the fun stuff!!

Below I have listed the Classes and Workshops for session 1 2021.

General Sewing classes continue to be popular. So, why not come and join me for some uninterrupted sewing time with a lovely group of likeminded people and all the help and guidance you need.

There are 2 workshops, Crumbs – Scrappy piecing and Intro to Modern Quilting. (There are a couple of sample photos for each)

Don’t forget Bookings are essential for all classes. Deposits are required for workshops.

I’m looking forward to a busy fun session.

Why not join us?

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OR my website/blog – www.gumnutgear.com.au


Spend some relaxing uninterrupted time sewing with likeminded people in a friendly environment. With all the help and guidance, you need.  Bring along a project you are working on or start something new.

Suitable for the beginner or advanced sewer.

This class is available day, evening and weekends.

Gumnut Gear Studio


23rd February, 9am – 3pm.

Tuesday evenings

Every week,  6.30pm –9.30pm.

Wednesday evenings

Every week, 6.30pm –9.30pm

Weekends – Saturday afternoons

6th February,  New Extra Class, 13th February

and 13th March.  1pm—4pm.

Gunnedah Fashion Fabrics


18th February, 11th March, 9am—3pm. 

– JUNIOR SEWING –For children 10 years or older. Each class starts with learning a new sewing skill, followed by working on their current project or starting something new.

They will learn how to prepare patterns, measuring, correct cutting, hand sewing, how to use a sewing machine and more.


18th February and 4th March, 4pm—5.30pm.



In this workshop you will learn what you can do with all those scraps, yes, you know the ones, they are too small to save and too big to throw out and yes it’s OK to use larger pieces as well. I will share with you all the tips and tricks that I have learnt over time. There is no specific project for this workshop, I will take you through the techniques, its then up to you to choose your project.

Sunday 28th February                         



Modern Quilting is extremely popular, it’s where you take tradition and add a twist, so much fun.  In this class I will introduce you to things like negative spaces,          minimalism, improvisational piecing, and much more.

I will show you different techniques in block making, arrangement and design.

Mondays 1st and 8th March

2 x 3 hour classes, 6.30am—9.30pm.


Keep on sewing 

Social distancing…

With all the social distancing happening at moment, it has to be hard for the children to understand why they suddenly and for who know how long can’t spend time wth their grandparents.

One of my granddaughters asked me “if we are self isolating properly and Grandad and you are doing the same, why can’t we do it together?”

This got me thinking, so Mick and I took a photo of each other. I transferred them to fabric and made them into cushions “ Cuddle Cushions “.

I made 2 sets, one for each family and posted them to the children. I’m now getting reports of lots of cuddles, sleepovers and inclusions in games and school work.

Glad I made them.


Till next time…..Keep Sewing!


What a year!

2020 wow, what a year so far.

Horrific bush fires followed by some beautiful rain on drought stricken land and now the Coronavirus. We will get through this and come out well on the other side, whenever that may be.

Now, I’m into my 3rd week without classes, a very odd quite time. FaceTime and phone calls are just not quite the same as the hands on that I’m used too.

It took me a few days to get my head around the fact that I suddenly had all this spare time. Time that I didn’t have to work on all the ideas and projects that have been floating around in my head. Now! I have the time to plan and make new projects, new classes, new patterns and I’m into it.

Firstly I needed to complete a few things I had started or planed.

No 1 on my list was to make a cover for the quilting machine. From my stash I took a tub of 2 1/2” squares and started alternating colour and neutral till I got the effect I wanted. 396 squares later I’m very pleased with the end result.

There’s lots more I have been doing, but that will have to wait for another day.

Keep sewing and stay safe.

Off and running.

Well, here we are in the second week of the new year, can you believe it!

So far I been enjoying my break, a time to relax and recharge.

However it has not been all rest, I have been working on a rather large quilt that I will reveal later. Stay tuned.

Over the past couple of days I have had one of my grand daughters (9 year old) staying with me. We decided to make some Joey pouches. So into the stash we went, set up 2 machine and in to it.     All for a good cause.                                                                                                            A couple of photos to show our progress.

Bye for now.

More workshops. Kaleidoscope and Jelly Roll Rug.

In August we had a kaleidoscope Quilt workshop held at Gunnedah Fashion Fabrics.

With one fabric and a small amount of contrast, cut carefully and the magic begins. We had 3 colour waves, yet each quilt looked totally different.

This is the original black fabric.

In September I travelled to Kiama for a Jelly Roll Rug workshop.

It was a great day, lots of colour. Well done ladies.

More rug photos in previous .

Final round up for 2019 tomorrow.

Mystery Quilt and Free Motion Quilting.

And June continues.

At the end of June I travelled to Muswellbrook to present a 2 day mixed workshop to a group of fabulous ladies, they had chosen 2 different quilts and 3 different bag.

Over the 2 days each lady progressed beautifully with there projects, there was lots of conversation and giggles along the way.

The ladies organised delicious morning teas and lunches.

It was a most enjoyable couple of days.

Enjoy the photos.

June 2019

June was a big month for me.

It started with a workshop called “Strippy Scrappy” making the blocks and joining them together using a “Quilt as you go” technique, there were some gorgeous results.

Later in June came the Sydney Quilt and Craft Show.

I entered a quilt I made called “Sisters”. The fabrics that I used were given to me by two of my sisters, Annette and Sue, which they purchased in Japan while on a quilting tour.

On the Sunday night prior to the quilt show I received and email. This was telling me that I had won a prize, but not what the prize was. Would I be able to be in Sydney on Wednesday for the presentation – of course I was going to be there. Before I went to bed that night I had booked flights to Sydney and back for Wednesday.

At the presentation I was awarded 2nd place in the Pieced Quilt Professional category and I was over the moon.

That’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll tell you about the rest of June and beyond.

2019 Done and Dusted!

Well here we are at the end of 2019, it feels like it went by in a blink.

I haven’t been on here since February, so I have decided to do a small recap of some what you may have missed.

The Regular General Sewing Classes have gone along as usually, Tuesday evenings weekly, Tuesday monthly, Thursday monthly and Saturday afternoons monthly.

The Junior Sewing Classes have been running smoothly, Tuesday Or Thursday afternoons twice a month. With the January holiday class ready to go.

Workshops were popular. In February we had Get to know your Overlocker.

Jelly Roll Rug making was so much fun with classes in March and April here in the studio with another in Kiama in September.

Some of the colours were just amazing! Well done ladies!!

Enjoy the photos, more recap tomorrow.