Upcycling. I’m sure you’ve heard of it- making something better out of scrap. It’s a wonderful way to keep things out of landfill and get something useful at the same time!

I often see upcycled bags, clothes, and accessories. But something I haven’t seen much of, is upcycled quilts. Which is a shame, in my opinion. Quilts are a great addition to any bed, and a fun way to express yourself artistically. However, quilting can be quite expensive to get into, and there seem to be a lot of rules and such. The good thing is that doesn’t really matter. All you need for a quilt is two layers of fabric and a layer of insulation in between, sewn together. And you’ve got a quilt, no matter how it looks.

Making a quilt in this way ensures you save your wallet and the environment. You also get a lovely bedspread to keep you warm, and further reduce those heating bills. Tutorials and patterns for how to make upcycled quilts will be coming soon to Gumnut Gear, so stay tuned.

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