Checkered Delight E-pattern



This is a fun quilt using only squares of all different sizes.

Finished size:- 178cm x 178cm

Fabrics: There are 4 fabrics used in this quilt, I have numbered them 1 – 4 throughout the instructions.

Contrast is very important in the design of this quilt, you can either use the main fabric or pick the colours from it to get as much contrast as possible or use different coloured fabrics that you like together eg. Blues and yellows.

  • Fabric 1: 3.3m. This is the main fabric in the quilt, it is used most of all and is probably the first fabric you picked out when you started looking.
  • Fabric 2: 1.0m. This fabric is the first of the contrast fabrics; it is used frequently and will need to be of good contrast to fabric 1.
  • Fabric 3: 40cm. This fabric will also need to be of good contrast to fabric 1.
  • Fabric 4: 1.0m. This fabric is used as often as fabric 3 and will also be used for the binding.

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